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Our Vision

Our philosophy with Create Your Crew is to have a platform in which we all can feel welcomed, encouraged, motivated, and loved no matter what your background. I hope to create content from my personal experiences with motherhood, relationships, career, health issues, and much more; along with tips and tricks to making your life easier and happier!  This is a place where no matter our differences, we can coexist, become better versions of ourselves and C r e a t e O u r C r e w !

Our Story

Have you ever asked yourself, "What am I doing with my life?" Or, "Is what I'm doing making me feel fulfilled?" I did, and the upsetting answer was, NO!

I didn't decide this on my own, I was led here by something greater than our existence. Going through some major health issues played a significant role in how I now look at the world and the way I choose to live my life every single day!

I could have let it get the best of me, but instead decided to c r e a t e my best out of the depths of darkness I encountered! My desire is to impact as many people as I can with telling my story, being my true authentic self, letting you know you aren't alone, and giving you tips on how to c r e a t e a positive now and future!

Meet the Team

Karli Moch


Check out my blog here

Check out my Blog where you can find my story along with other tips and motivation to become a better version of yourself than the one you were yesterday!