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    Life Lessons Of 2019

    This is a time of year that many people take to reflect on the months passed. My birthday is another time that I use to look at achievements, blessings, and memories made.  For my year end reflecting I want to focus on the lessons I’ve learned so that I am conscious and aware of them. This will allow myself to learn and grow from them, instead of letting life teach them time and time again.  Lessons are the only thing we can truly take into the next year. If we learn from them, these will last us a lifetime.  With Love, Karli Marie

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    Dear Warrior

    Dear Warrior You there with your full time job, your kids at home, your hair a mess and laundry backed up for days. You, with your 50+ hours a week, kids activities, going back to school, trying to juggle it all for a better future. You there with your family to take care of, your job you give your best, and your body you are trying to take care of but struggling. I see you, I hear you, and I’m cheering for you. We all find ourselves in crazy seasons of life where it seems the craziness will never stop spinning. Your family member may be struggling in health, your…

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    Dear My Pregnant Self

    Growing up I had a great life with loving parents, a sister who always let me tag along and showed me the way! Friends who became family, a pretty harmless high school experience and an authentic joy for life!  Maybe having very little complications growing up is why God led me down this windy path. A journey in which I’d find myself years later struggling to start a family of my own, going through years of fertility treatments and later being tasked to dig as deep as I could to fight a battle I never saw coming.  Even through all of this, I have been learning to love my entire…

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    Cheers to the moments

    As for many, my 2018 had been a year full of challenges, set backs, victories, adventures, faith, and love!  In some ways I think a lot of us tend to look at New Years Eve as a time where we couldn’t say goodbye to the year prior fast enough!  We hang on to the bad things that may have happened and chalk it up as a complete loss. It’s easy to do. This year especially, I had to sit down and reflect on all the amazing moments that truly made my year!  What if we spent this day looking back at each month of our year, and all the great…

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    Giving Thanks With A Chronic Illness

    As the Holidays are coming into full swing it brings with them a wave of emotions for me. This is where the depths of my Chronic Illness showed it’s ugly face and forced my plans and priorities to take a different turn.  Last Thanksgiving was the first really bad day I had with my disease, and for the first time in my life, I was unable eat a bite of food during our Thanksgiving meal.  This year, although things are far from perfect and ever evolving for me, I am beyond thankful to be able to eat and have a full stomach!  I am thankful to be surrounded by family…

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    What A Difference A Year Can Make

    I head down the stairs like I do every morning, but for some reason this one was different. I walked down and as each step went by, I had the clearest flashback to a time when I was at my lowest. I recall my heart beating slower, and slower. I remember holding onto the railing with all I had in me as I started to lose my footing. I reached my hands slowly down the wall in search ofthe light switch in which I never found. I remember getting to the bottom of the stairs where my legs now felt like liquid, and my mind was dazing off into another…

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    So God Made My Husband

    Over the weekend something hit me like a ton of bricks! While we were out enjoying some bison football we met up with some old friends. Like most people I connect with that we haven’t seen in a while, my health is often a topic of conversation. I am very open and willing to tell my story so this was not an issue or anything new. However, nobody has ever asked my husband too many questions in front of me, let alone this one. As I’m telling my journey of this last year, They turned and looked at my husband and said, “What were you thinking during all of this?”…

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    Guide To Responding Vs. Reacting

    Every night, my journal prompts me to look back at my day and write down two things I wish I would have done differently. I quickly noticed a common denominator at the end of each day. Nine times out of ten it has something to do with a Reaction I had, whether it was reacting to a person, traffic or construction, or simply reacting to my surroundings. When we react it is often a decision made quickly, subconsciously and is often a result of our emotions. To respond simply means we are giving ourselves space between the situation and our interpretation. This allows us time to, yes consider our emotions,…

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    Social Media and the Shameless Truth Teller

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, we find ourselves scrolling more than we probably even notice. One thumb swipe leads to the next and before you know it, an hour has gone by. Our friends will let us have a front row seat into their personal lives, family vacations, child milestones etc. However, nine times out of ten we are only seeing the shiny, happy things that happened during that road trip they took….not the child who had a poop accident while in the car seat, cough cough! People can appreciate your strengths, but will relate more to your weaknesses. So why are we all hiding behind our screens and portraying this shiny…