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    Life Lessons Of 2019

    This is a time of year that many people take to reflect on the months passed. My birthday is another time that I use to look at achievements, blessings, and memories made.  For my year end reflecting I want to focus on the lessons I’ve learned so that I am conscious and aware of them. This will allow myself to learn and grow from them, instead of letting life teach them time and time again.  Lessons are the only thing we can truly take into the next year. If we learn from them, these will last us a lifetime.  With Love, Karli Marie

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    Guide To Responding Vs. Reacting

    Every night, my journal prompts me to look back at my day and write down two things I wish I would have done differently. I quickly noticed a common denominator at the end of each day. Nine times out of ten it has something to do with a Reaction I had, whether it was reacting to a person, traffic or construction, or simply reacting to my surroundings. When we react it is often a decision made quickly, subconsciously and is often a result of our emotions. To respond simply means we are giving ourselves space between the situation and our interpretation. This allows us time to, yes consider our emotions,…